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Anger July 18, 2009

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Here’s something I received from a reliable source.  I find her advice meaningful and powerful.


One of the worst things we can do to ourselves is to be angry with ourselves.  Anger forms a destructive, negative cycle that hooks us into old patterns that continue to repeat, causing more frustration and more anger.  Harboring angry feelings, whether toward others, or directed inwardly toward self hinders our forward movement of unfolding and growth.  However, we can constructively peel away layers of anger, hurt and frustration without causing more karma, with the use of positive, affirmative statements to heal ourselves. 

Close your eyes for a moment and create a calm scene for yourself.  Using your imagination; build your calm scene piece by piece, plant by plant, brick by brick.  If your favorite place is the ocean, see yourself walking along the beach, smell the salt air, hear the waves lapping against the shore and feel the warm sand under your toes.  If your favorite place is an alpine meadow, see yourself walking through a vast field of wild flowers, smell their heady fragrance, look at the brilliant blue sky with puffy clouds passing by. Be as descriptive as you can right down to the finest detail.  When frustrations catch up with you or anger tries to capture your balance, know that your calm scene is just a breath away; you can go there anytime you wish.   

By building your calm scene exactly to your own specifications, it will only take focus to move from an angry space to your calming space; focus in a split second of time to move from out of control to in complete control.  You can do this; WE can do this. Create the most pleasant, loving, and harmonious environment in which your Soul resides. 



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