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Music & It’s Meanings July 19, 2009

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Just to share briefly with you. Music has been a part of my life for years.  Whether it was playing the Clarinet in Middle School up to High School, singing in the school choir or shower (SMILES) and playing the piano (which I don’t know anymore because we didn’t have a piano in our house until years later, so I lost interest), there are many levels of music I was taught and introduced to.

I have spent most of my life enjoying all types of genres. From Jazz, Classical, Country, Rock, Alternative, Hip-Hop, R&B, Gospel, Metal, Hard Rock, Classical Rock; you name it, I’ve heard it. 

Music has many meanings to me and many may interpret certain types of music differently. It’s an open book.  We can all learn, understand and grow from music.

When you see me, you may not think I would be the type. Music has no boundaries. Specifically No genders or racial levels. Music has it’s own levels of powerful meanings and it could also be a form of medicine.

Some use music as a means of coping with the loss of someone close, a disappointment or failure of something in our lives.  Whatever we use it for; it boosts are spirits and brings us closer to the situation or to burn-in the memory, to help us move on and grow from it.  In a short time, we gain momentum and strength to move passed it and to start a new.

I will be posting more lyrics of songs that have meaning to me, both in a spiritual level or emotional level. Again, interpret it the way you see its meaning. If you can relate it to your life, or a situation in your life, then it has a meaning for you.



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