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Time for Change July 20, 2009

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I received this message from a friend. As a reminder of all these changes that have come to pass and to remind me to stand firm in sprirt. So I thought, this would be a good time and place to share some of her information.


“We are going through some major changes at this time and the past full moon has had all of us shifting and changing our lives to get on track. 

It is like when we plant a seed or tree; it grows. We must remember that even in the hardest moments during our trials and hard times, we can get through to the other side as long as we remain strong and firm in our belief. To move beyond the situation we must be persistent like a horse whose spirit cannot be broken.

The reason for the horse remaining strong is that no matter what you do to break the horse’s spirit, the true faith and belief in moving ahead and remaining loyal stands within the horse’s spirit.

When we remain in faith and believe, we are set free. Even when the horse was tested and it seemed all things would end in a negative, the horse stands up fierce and tall and fights for what Spirit believes in. This shows that you are truly ready for the pathways of change in your life and you are ready for spirits reprogramming and upgrade in life.

Your life may seem dreary and you may seem lost. All you want to do is pay the cost. But you must remember that in life we are here to grow and listen to the messages when the wind blows. That is why being persistent like a horse and standing in faith and being firm is so important at this time.

To be strong and move forward fearlessly without fear but Love, in absence of love is fear. This is an example of our new lives running free like the spirit of the amazing horse. So remember, even when it seems nothing is going right, things are changing with this new energy to help us move to our pathways; to our brand new lives and great energy. This major shift is putting us where we need to be and we are clear and free of all things that do not serve us.

Right now in the world, what is happening is as massive as the energy wave that came in and shook the earth and our energy. When this happened, we were sent new energy. As this new energy begins, we can make new choices and we have a much clearer head. We also are shown that our thoughts are not just part of this; it is how we see, hear, feel, smell, taste, and touch. This is how we see the world. So we are asked to listen to the steps given to give us to the clear path we are seeking.

So remember, if you are feeling a bit off this time it is due to the energetic wave that the angelic realms sent to us during the full moon and we are coming into a much better shining light and a clearer path with a clear conscious mind, body and spirit.”



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