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Helpful Tips for Microsoft Outlook 2007 Users July 24, 2009

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I have run into this issue a lot nowadays (both at the office and offsite)

Now that Microsoft has added 60-Day Trial versions to their Retail Software computer builds, some have not only purchased the license to keep the Standard (and I mean just that) Standard version (which includes the following applications):

  1. Word
  2. Excel
  3. Powerpoint
  4. One Note

Keep in mind, if you are upgrading from an OLDER version, the NEW 2007 Microsoft Office has NEW file extensions.  Every Office Suite version up to the last version (Office 2003) has these file extensions:

  • doc (Word)
  • xls (Excel)

However, the New Microsoft Office 2007 has changed their file extensions:

  1. docx (Word)
  2. xlsx (Excel)

Note: The ‘x’ in bold/italics.

Also, the Retail, Pre-Installed Versions DO NOT COME (I repeat again, DO NOT COME) Pre-installed with Outlook 2007.  So if you want the Email client, you have to pay extra and the retailer may offer it to you as part of the package deal (BE CAREFUL). Make sure they don’t over-charge you for Outlook 2007, try to bring it down to around $100 if not less, as part of your Purchase price of your new Desktop or Laptop.

Also, the retail Versions of Office 2007 are standard and ONLY come Pre-Installed with a 60-day trial license that you have to purchase; if you do decide to continue using it. The PRE-installed Retail versions only have what is listed in the top listing. If you want Outlook or other programs, you’ll have to buy a different version and license.

NOTE: The NEWer version of Microsoft Office 2007 is very different than their last version of Office 2003.  Menus and Toolbars have changed, along with the file extensions. 

If you save a file and send it to someone from Office 2007, keep in mind that NOT everyone is using your version of Office.  They may still be at Office 2003. 

If this is the case, those users who want to view your Office 2007 files will have to install the “MICROSOFT COMPATABILITY PACK” so that Office 2003 and older can view. 

Here’s the link to review and locate the Compatability pack:


To make it easier on them and you, would HIGHLY advise that you save the file to your Desktop before you send it via email.  Save-As a different file version in your save-as window to (select .doc for Word documents or .xls for Excel documents).  Try not to Send directly from Outlook 2007 applications.

ALSO, Here are some additional HELPFUL Tips to remember when converting from the OLD to the new.  Before you let GEEK SQUAD or ANY PC Repairman to BLOW away your hard drive (aka: Computer settings) back to the default (as-if you just bought it, using YOUR provided RESTORE CD’s (if applicable), make sure that they back-up your EMAILS.  There are ways to retrieve the files if the computer will not boot. Most TECHIES have USB external hard drive enclosures.  If they can try to locate your files that way and burn them to CD (providing you tell them you have to have it). They can import to your new PC setting. 

Most Users do not knwo to ask this question, especially if you use Outlook as your Email Client.

For instance, if you use OUTLOOK 2003 and are buying a new computer because the other one is ‘Blue-Screening’, make sure to back-up your OUTLOOK NK2 file. This file contains your email addresses.  Also, back-up your OST to PST as well, so you have a clean back-up of your emails.  Store them on an External device or burn them to CD/DVD. Note the date you backed it up, so that you know that copy is the last date you saved, in case you need to reinstall or Import those files back.  Make note that if your new setup fails, if any NEW emails came in after the import, you have to back-up a new file before you RE-IMPORT, or you won’t have all the emails after the last good back-up. If you don’t do these steps, you may or will LOSE all of your emails or email addresses upon set-up of your new Outlook 2007.

If you are adding on another computer and would like your Exchange Outlook emails to be on both systems, make sure before you do it; to again BACK-UP your Outlook files. One file is your NK2 and that file stores addresses and files mostly.

I have posted the below link to help those of you who are in the process or may be in the process of upgrading or reinstalling Outlook 2007.


Happy Migration!!  GOODLUCK.  As long as you follow the steps and read everything carefully, you should be ok.



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