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The Law of Vibrations August 1, 2009

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Out of all the Spiritual Laws (and there are many), the Law of Vibrations is one that seems to get passed by, or at the least, misinterpreted.  Here is a little more information about the Law of Vibrations, and what it means. 

Vibrations, Law of  

The fourth law of the Universe which governs all the influences such as wavelengths, outflows, inflows, cause and effect, and the harmonics of the movement of sound is the Law of Vibrations.

 There are three aspects of the Creator

Light and Sound = ENERGY

The Law of Vibrations covers all three

In the physical realm, vibrations and/or harmonics relate to everything: sound frequencies, light frequencies, the Universal Life Force, heat, cold, wind, rain, water, electricity, the air we breathe, trees, plants, animals, minerals, dirt, rocks; everything has vibration.  

Each unit of space has its own vibration. Each cell in a living organism has its own vibration. We as humans have our own individual vibration. All things tangible and intangible vibrate at their own rate.  

Both the Body and the Soul are impacted by vibration, the vibrations of other people, other animals, other spaces, etc.  We can ‘feel‘ this vibration spiritually and sometimes, even physically. 

Everything here in the physical plane is in continual motion.  Everything changes, moves somewhere, or does something.  This is a fact of life.  To live is to change and to change is to live.  

Movement is inevitable in the cosmic scheme of things.  Once we grasp the concept of the Law of Vibration, we will discover that our path may be just a little bit smoother, our purpose a little bit finer and our resolve a little bit stronger.



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