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WHY?? Me, Mine, I = EGO August 5, 2009

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Folks, we have all been there.  Asking why me, why now. Sometimes you ask the question out loud to God; “Why Me Lord”. “How could you let this happen to me?”.  That’s your EGO talking.  It’s not God’s work. It’s not God’s fault. It’s the way of the world. God put us here to live, and we have to find our purpose in the life he gave us. We musn’t live in the past. We should look ahead to brighter and MUCH greater adventures and opportunities.  Wherever it may take us, we cannot look back. Take each day in stride; One day at a time.  If you lost your job, it’s just the way of the world. A part of LIFE!  Turn the disappointment upside down or cast it away. However you see fits for your Spiritual self. If you THINK you’re not spiritual, TRUST me, I thought the same way too.  I learned to refocus the negatives and now, I can see my path and it’s Looking MIGHTY Bright.  I had to learn to be patient and I practice my own patience every day.  Patience is NOT something that comes naturally, it’s how you use it to your advantage. Sometimse the same constant thought or negative energy eats away at your soul, your spirit, and you end up making yourself believe the negative is true, without truly understand YOU and your habits.

The time is NOW.  Live it NOW!  A friend of mine sent me to the link below and it was a reminder of how we as people are trained or accustomed to feeling, thinking or speaking. It’s okay to ask the Why, but if you have to think about the negatives, think of the positives too and you’ll see it’s not worth losing sleep, your health, your life or your future to just throw it out the window because of a few negatives. There are ALWAYS 2-sides to the coin. If you keep repeating the negatives, then that’s the life you will lead.  That’s where your future will take you.

Sending lot’s of light and blessings from someone who had to learn how to think in a circle, not just so much outside of the box (which is what we understand nowadays). Don’t just live or think outside of whatever shape you think you are, just practice it and in due time, you will see the other side of YOU and who you can be!




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