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The Perfect Moment August 14, 2009

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This post came from a Very valuable source.  These last week I was losing focus and started to doubt on many levels. Questioning if I should or shouldn’t? Is it worth it or not. Can I afford it and how would I obtain additional funding to excel? 

A source advised me to take advantage of the time off, with the extra time to obtain more for my future; to secure a position in this industry –we have options available.

After the fact, my other trustworthy source sent me this email, which I didn’t get until today, she is truly an inspiration and she is right.

There is no better time to accomplish things .. both great and small… than in the NOW!  Even if you don’t feel quite like this is the best time to make a change, or to start that new project.  NOW is the absolutely perfect time to jump right in and get it done!  

 Today, put aside your fears, your worries and your concerns and focus on your right now.  Push aside everything that is counterproductive to your goals and life’s mission.  Think in terms of getting things done, even if you have to recruit helpers and assistants.  If you can’t pay to have help, barter ~~ and know that you will meet all your obligations on time as agreed — trust the process, because there is no better time than now.



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