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Computer Hackers cost millions !@#$%^& August 16, 2009

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Why do they bother? Because these hackers have nothing better to do. Or they are addicted to causing havoc. Maybe they were framed by other Hackers. Who knows or cares. It gives them only enough notice, NOT FAME (ie: 15-seconds) before they’re caught, jailed, go to court and then try to appeal. No one remembers them, no one wants to know them.

America wants to feel safe no matter what sex, race, religion we are, we want to enjoy our life and the technology that is provided for us to achieve the enjoyment and pleasure it gives us; whether it would be shopping online, reading an article, typing of a blog or journal.  Whatever we use technology for, we want to keep it private (to an extent, especially when doing banking online or at the Office) Most importantly, we want it to be safe and fun.

Hackers have been around for many years and as soon as some of these programming geeks figure out how to type-up a simple string of code, test it and implement out into the cyber communities, they want to see what their code can do.  Great!!  But there are other ways to test codes. Once that code is out there and starts doing what it was designed to do, the virus infection has begun. Whether it is stealing our identities, our money, or robbing people for sport, or infecting company computers, it takes the fun out of technology.

Some should ask themselves, is it worth getting caught? Do you think you’re not being watched? C’mon, we live in today’s technology, there’s so much security out there that you don’t see or even know exists. We are being protected and by attempting to break that protection or even succeeding it, only ends up haunting you for the rest of your life, because you won’t have one once you are caught.  Your enjoyment in Technology has ended.

The economy is in such a bind as it is and stealing from larger or small corporations & other businesses, only hinders the economy’s regrowth. With all these virus attacks, codes stealing from companies even before the economy took a nose-dive, only made the outlook much more fearful.

We are afraid to spend, or even pay a bill online. Technology has made our lives much more easier but also much more difficult. As we await for more Cyber Security protection, we have to be diligent in our efforts as computer users.

If you are within the U.S. we don’t take lightly, or play. If you are caught, that’s it.  Bye-Bye!!

Below is an article on Computer Hackers costing us millions.


STOP THE MADNESS. Get a real job. Find a new Hobby. Get a Life!

***TO BE CONTINUED into Next BLOG Posting***



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