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Life’s Lessons September 11, 2009

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 Some lessons are tough ones to grasp, particularly when they are presented hard and fast, cloaked in a painful experience.  

When we are taken unaware with a situation, our reaction is often true and genuine, acting as a gage of our progress. 

Did we learn from the lessons life has taught us, or … do we need to learn some more?  

So, how can we utilize the life lessons we have experienced so that we do not get caught up in a pattern of continuing to replay lessons because we haven’t extracted the learning from them?  

  • We can relax, not be hard on ourselves for falling back on past patterns and use affirmative treatments to support our abilities to comprehend life’s lessons.   
  • Accepting our shortcomings and moving past them to negate obstacles that stand in the way of our personal ascension and forward movement.  

This is Earth School and we are presented with learning experiences every day ~~ some are smaller than others and some are incredibly huge ~~ or seem so! 

  • Don’t buy into negativity when we make a slip-up or seem to fall back on bad habits. 
  • Remember that negativity is often simply a teacher (not a guide) that is doing its job and .. doing it well. 
  • Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and forge ahead —- because once the seeds of Love and Light are planted within your Being, there is no obstacle that you cannot overcome. 
  • Trust …. And everything will turn out for the better.   

To support you during times of weakness or when negativity seems to cloud your path; know that you are truly never alone ~ reach out and you will receive.



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