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Don’t Look Back…… October 4, 2009

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Just had to share this powerful affirmation:

Holding onto the past can sometimes work to the detriment of our positive movement, particularly if that in which we continue to feed energy is not a good thing for us.  Even the good experiences can hold us back if we continue to dwell in the past.  Positive affirmation is all about not looking back, leaving the past behind and moving forward with positive energy only! 

As with all positivity treatments, speak your affirmations with conviction and in sets of threes.  This helps to plant the affirmative thought in your subconscious where it will take hold, grow and manifest through your higher self to the physical.

  •  “I live for today.  I leave the past behind me and glean the value of the experiences I have had to enrich my present.  My future is the bright jewel before me.  My present is my reward.”

 All we’ve experienced in our lives to date has brought us to the place where we are today.  Let us not look back at what has gone by, rather … let us rejoice in the present and look forward to what the future brings us — knowing that we are completely responsible for what we receive.

 Don’t look back ~ move ahead with confidence that all is exactly as it should be for this space and time.



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