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Internet Browser Testing January 17, 2010

Posted by n2ition0709 in Uncategorized.

As most of you know, when you buy your new computer, it already has their own built-in Internet browser.

Microsoft has their most current version IE8 out and many of you have IE6, maybe IE7. Some may have MACs own browser or Linux, whichever, I’m just going to note what I use with my Windows Operating System.

For some time, I haven’t been a fan of using other browsers, not until recently. Since I had previously posted MS Security Essentials, I couldn’t get my IE8 to launch.

I installed FireFox 3.5 just to get back online. The similarities of both IE8 & FireFox were similar. However, FireFox did load quicker than IE8, even after having to be reinstalled from the virus issues I had previously cleaned.

I decided to try another browser, which many testers claimed was much faster than IE8 and even FireFox 3.5. You know what? They were right. I currently have 3-browsers I’m testing.

1. IE8

2. FireFox 3.5

3. Google Chrome

So far, I hate to admit it, but Google Chrome beats the most popular browsers.  Launching is AWESOME!! Every site I normally go to is similar to FireFox, they all have tabbed browsing, but even with all 3-browsers running the same favorites, many sites are more compatible with IE than others. 

There are lots of differences and security options, but the ultimate test will be up to you the user.  It depends upon what you use the internet for. If you use it for banking, for your social networking sites or simply for school or work, you will have to test your own sites with each browser.

OVERALL, Google Chrome is much faster at loading each page and links within each site, but it doesn’t work well with other options for some sites. It would be best to TEST them before you chuck previous versions of the internet browsers.

After my latest virus experience, I’m going to keep a back-up browser. My primary will continue to be IE8, but my backup will be Google Chrome. I may just use IE8 for some sites and Google Chrome for others.

Happy Testing……



1. n2ition0709 - January 24, 2010

FireFox is no longer my back-up browser as I tested between that and Google Chrome. Google Chrome beat that in speed. Plus they both look the same or have the same functionality. (CONT)

Then there’s IE8 vs Google Chrome in launch timing. Over 30-secs to launch IE and 5-secs to launch Chrome. (Cont)

However, IE8 works for other applications to include those business apps. I have already tested Chrome on some of my business stuff and it doesn’t work for some. (Cont)

RSS Feeds: if you have some of those, I noticed that they don’t work under Chrome. I’m still testing any applicable Add-ins. (Cont)

My Testing continues……

2. n2ition0709 - February 12, 2010

I know that having more processes running can slowdown a Netbook’s power when running other security scans in the background. If you have never had any issues with your Primary AntiVirus in protecting your computer internet browsing & email habits, you should stick with it. Having more security utilities running in the background, along with your AV, will eat-up your systems juice, this includes launching times of any programs like Office, as they will be severely pinched. Most netbooks (like this one), only allows 1GB (difficult to upgrade ram). The less you have running all the time, the better off you will be.

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