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MS Security Essentials January 17, 2010

Posted by n2ition0709 in Uncategorized.

Visit one of my favorite sites for the latest on Microsoft Security Essentials utility.


This is a FREE utility which includes security, a firewall and spy-ware blocking (aka: Windows Defender). Before when we were advised to install this utility and another one, it’s always a good idea to have a back-up to your actual ANTIVIRUS program.

I decided to give Microsoft’s Security Essentials a try.

After having been a victim of an email virus, I was opening emails like crazy, and during the auto-preview of the email, my system wasn’t refreshing quick enough and I accidentally thought it wasn’t deleted, I ended up double-clicking to open the wrong email, by accident and that was all she wrote. 

It took me hours of installing, uninstalling and repairing to clean-up my system which in turn killed my Internet Browser, forcing me to stay offline until resolved. I fell behind on a lot of things, as most of my usage was accessing my sites online. 

I had to install another browser just to bypass the IE issues, until I resolved the problems.

YIPPEE, I’m BACK Online sharing my experience. TRY THIS UTILITY!!



1. n2ition0709 - February 12, 2010

RESULTS: Slowed down my processing times between ALL installed programs, as it was running alongside my AV program which hasn’t failed me in protecting me and my computer habits.

Upon Uninstalling the program and rebooting my machine, I noticed a tremendous speed increase from launching locally installed programs to what it was like before I uninstalled it.

If you do not have Anti-Virus, YES, install this product. However, if you do have AV, don’t install on top of it, because it will only hinder your ability to utilize your computer.

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