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Dissatisfied and Satisfied employees… June 21, 2010

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An impact in the workplace is the differences between the dissatisfied and satisfied employees.

Exit = behavior directed toward leaving the organization, including looking for a new position as well as resigning.

Voice = Actively and constructively attempting to improve conditions, including suggesting improvements, discussing problems with superiors and some forms of union activity.

Loyalty = Passively but optimistically waiting for conditions to improve, including speaking up for the organization in the face of external criticism and trusting the organization and its management to “do the right thing.”

Neglect = Passively allowing conditions to worsen, including chronic absenteeism or lateness, reduced effort, and increased error rate.

These are also classified in terms of the exit-voice-loyalty-neglect framework. There are consequences to dissatisfaction within the job. There are two-dimensions: the constructive/destructive and the active/passive, all explained above.



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