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The Components of an Attitude June 21, 2010

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They are not in any specific order, but they correllate to each other and can be intertwined.

Cognitive = evaluation

Example: My supervisor gave a promotion to a coworker who deserved it less than me. My supervisor is unfair.

When you see things this way it is because you’re in a cognitive mode of an attitude or your attitude, you’re evaluating.

Affective component = meaning feeling

For example: I dislike my supervisor!

We’ve all been down that road in one aspect of our career paths or even along our job experiences.

Finally, there’s the Behavioral = meaning the action of the attitude.

For example: I’m looking for other work; I’ve complained about my supervisor to anyone who would listen.

Now, we have all done this in one form or another.  We cannot deny this.  this is part of human nature and is only being addressed to display such.

Keep in mind that sometimes the Behavioral and Affective component can be intertwined or has been. Affective and Cognitive can also do the same, along with Cognitive and Behavioral.

Each of the components are the attitude which shows negativity.  One thing we all musn’t dwell or swim too long in. Most managers have to analyze and review everyone’s level of experience, attitudes and even motivations to determine what is best for the company or team, not what is best for an individual.  It has nothing to do and should have nothing to do with your personal relationships, whether internally or externally from the job. Know when to separate.

Managers need to use extreme caution when going outside of their work place as well, so as not to seem like they’re playing favorites or backstabbing.



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