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Uncle Sam steps in…. April 6, 2010

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The government is stepping in to STOP cyber crime aka: Hackers.  SO BEWARE!!



Nvidia Ion Chipset for Notebooks February 25, 2010

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For some time now, I have been doing research on a new laptop. I am a fan of Netbooks as they are convenient, small and compact. However, I didn’t have enough time to do research when my larger 15.4 widescreen notebook motherboard dropped everything from USBs to the keyboard/touchpad. I was in the middle of doing a college paper and no matter what Techie skill I used, even rebooting; it was done for = hosed.

I rushed to get a replacement and got a netbook because it was inexpensive and gave me what I needed. I’ve only had it for over 6-months and realized that I’m more of a multi-media user and this standard netbook wasn’t doing it for me.

For the last couple of months, I’ve been doing serious research and found the netbooks that use an Nvidia ION chipset, which works much better than the Intels on-board chipset. The quality is much better.

Well, now…just a couple of months later, the newest Nvidia ION chipset was announced.  The ION II. Unfortunately, those who have tested it has shown some significant differences between the two.  Not every Netbook or Notebook manufacturer is on this yet.  Right now, the ONLY one is Acer and I used to be an Acer user, but haven’t been pleased with their specs.  I didn’t have 1-notebook for 2-yrs before it melted. Just a coincidence. Then there’s the motherboard on the warranty replacement another 2-yrs later. Now, there’s the netbook.

Don’t get me wrong, Acer is okay but suggest doing your homework. I don’t like Acer’s support and warranty. They’re cheap and if you don’t care, then you can get Acer anywhere. But it will be short-lived and you’ll soon be looking for something new. Trust me, in 5-yrs, I’ve gone through 3 Acers.

I don’t like the quality so far and it’s not the name brand that I buy in to. I try to stay up with the changes in that aspect and have found that you get what you pay for; that’s for sure.

I’m going to try something new and it may cost a bit more but at least they quality is much better.

This time, I’m going for the NVIDIA ION Chipset vs. Intel. Plus, the warranty and quality of the maker’s history.

Read the attached links on the latest NVIDIA ION 2 chipset and decide for yourself; I have = http://blogs.zdnet.com/computers/?p=1576


Happy Research before you Buy!!

What does Global Warming mean to you? January 24, 2010

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What will it take for us to stop being so critical, or to stop listening into the political DRAMA’s to take the time out of our lives to see that we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for those that struggled to survive, to give us our lives. Everyone and everything we experience started some where.

What can we do as a race to survive? It’s not the jobs we work or how much money we make.

We need to educate ourselves to do what we can to survive. Not just for yourself alone, but your children, your families and theirs too.


The link is just a piece from an HBO Documentary. Not a movie because most movies aren’t accurate, but stories; which were altered. Let those from across our nation share with you the affects of Global Warming.

The jobless and the 401K retirement plan January 24, 2010

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Still jobless?  What do do with your 401K, if you have one.  Here’s the latest on that note:


Will the economy recover? January 18, 2010

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As some may say, it looks bleak and slow. The boom lasted for so long and this dump really put a lot of small companies to the test for survival –which ended their business. Now, those that are even much bigger and more powerful than the smaller companies are doing what they can to keep their services flowing.

Here’s the latest on the question “Will the economy recover”


WOT – Web of Trust January 17, 2010

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Do you ever wonder if the site you’re visiting is safe? For you or your children? 

Go to one of my favorite sites that tests these utilities and find out if it will work for you and the browser version you are using.


Currently, this utility works great with all Versions of Internet Explorer (IE6, IE7 and IE8) and FireFox. Not sure if it will work with the latest Google Chrome Browser since it is a very new browser, similar to FireFox, (I will be testing that once I install it).

Read the Editorial first and see if this FREE utility will work for you.

Internet Browser Testing January 17, 2010

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As most of you know, when you buy your new computer, it already has their own built-in Internet browser.

Microsoft has their most current version IE8 out and many of you have IE6, maybe IE7. Some may have MACs own browser or Linux, whichever, I’m just going to note what I use with my Windows Operating System.

For some time, I haven’t been a fan of using other browsers, not until recently. Since I had previously posted MS Security Essentials, I couldn’t get my IE8 to launch.

I installed FireFox 3.5 just to get back online. The similarities of both IE8 & FireFox were similar. However, FireFox did load quicker than IE8, even after having to be reinstalled from the virus issues I had previously cleaned.

I decided to try another browser, which many testers claimed was much faster than IE8 and even FireFox 3.5. You know what? They were right. I currently have 3-browsers I’m testing.

1. IE8

2. FireFox 3.5

3. Google Chrome

So far, I hate to admit it, but Google Chrome beats the most popular browsers.  Launching is AWESOME!! Every site I normally go to is similar to FireFox, they all have tabbed browsing, but even with all 3-browsers running the same favorites, many sites are more compatible with IE than others. 

There are lots of differences and security options, but the ultimate test will be up to you the user.  It depends upon what you use the internet for. If you use it for banking, for your social networking sites or simply for school or work, you will have to test your own sites with each browser.

OVERALL, Google Chrome is much faster at loading each page and links within each site, but it doesn’t work well with other options for some sites. It would be best to TEST them before you chuck previous versions of the internet browsers.

After my latest virus experience, I’m going to keep a back-up browser. My primary will continue to be IE8, but my backup will be Google Chrome. I may just use IE8 for some sites and Google Chrome for others.

Happy Testing……

MS Security Essentials January 17, 2010

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Visit one of my favorite sites for the latest on Microsoft Security Essentials utility.


This is a FREE utility which includes security, a firewall and spy-ware blocking (aka: Windows Defender). Before when we were advised to install this utility and another one, it’s always a good idea to have a back-up to your actual ANTIVIRUS program.

I decided to give Microsoft’s Security Essentials a try.

After having been a victim of an email virus, I was opening emails like crazy, and during the auto-preview of the email, my system wasn’t refreshing quick enough and I accidentally thought it wasn’t deleted, I ended up double-clicking to open the wrong email, by accident and that was all she wrote. 

It took me hours of installing, uninstalling and repairing to clean-up my system which in turn killed my Internet Browser, forcing me to stay offline until resolved. I fell behind on a lot of things, as most of my usage was accessing my sites online. 

I had to install another browser just to bypass the IE issues, until I resolved the problems.

YIPPEE, I’m BACK Online sharing my experience. TRY THIS UTILITY!!

The disposable worker January 15, 2010

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BusinessWeek’s latest on the disposable worker


VMWare updates January 13, 2010

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For those of us Techies, Virtualization is the next big thing and as it continues to grow within our industry, it will be the biggest and best feature, program or utility available for use.  Check-out the latest post from BusinessWeek on VMWare.